Instead of continuing to buy new PCs as your old ones expire, you could invest in AADS Server and utilise your existing ageing workstations and lengthen the life of your IT Infrastucture. AADS Server is a unique piece of software that turns a PC or Server into a Terminal Server. This is a centralised system that allows multiple simultaneous connections of PCs/Laptops/Tablets or Terminals to provide a high performance and low cost solution.

AADS Diagram

AADS Server example configuration diagram

If you have software that runs over a network, such as, MYOB or Physio Office for example, its slow and unreliable, you could invest in AADS Server. You will gain a high performance solution for all staff, plus if required can be accessed from anywhere in the World securely. Once existing PCs or laptops die you can replace these with Terminals or low end PCs/Laptops, while maintaining performance as the server does all the grunt work. The beauty of this configuration it's very easy to setup a new terminal if an existing PC or laptop dies as the user profile is stored on the server, plus software upgrades only need to be carried out on the server. It's secure and rebost for remote users, especially if a PC or laptop dies or at worst is stolen, as there is no data loss and no data to steal, it's all on the server. Only one system to backup all data for all users, just the server! There is also another big saving in power bills if you utilise Terminals, as Terminals can save upto 60% over the use of standard PCs.